Mini condensation nuclei counter (mCCNC) front-end. Use the index to jump to a specific subject.


This program communicates with the mCCNC through the serial port :
  • it configures and sends the command to the mCCNC, that is necessary to start the embedded firmware
  • it parses the text string containing the measurements and environmental parameters and displays them

Read the User manual for help.


  • Qt
    All versions to date need Qt 4.8 (with Qwt 6.0) or Qt 5 (with Qwt 6.1).
  • Qwt
    All versions to date need Qwt 6.0 (with Qt 4) or Qwt 6.1 (with Qt 5).
  • qextserialport (required at compile time only)
    This library is needed, because Qt 4 does not support the serial port, but Qt 5 does. As a consequence, QextSerialPort will be dropped when moving to Qt 5. The code about the serial port has not been ported to Qt 5 yet. So, QextSerialPort is still needed.
    Use the lastest version in the repository.



  1. Go to the files section and look for the latest executable mccnc-exe*. The file name contains the software version e.g. v0.3.0 and the versions of 2 major libraries, Qt and Qwt.
  2. Now, look for the DLL archive mccnc-dll* whose file name contains the same Qt and Qwt versions as the executable archive.
  3. Download the 2 archives in the same directory. Use 7Zip to extract them. Execute mccnc.exe.


Use Git to clone the repository, and compile the source code.


Before using the mCCNC, please read carefully Operating the mCCNC.

There exists 2 versions of the mCCNC's : one with a "short" column, and one with a "long" column. The LaMP owns 3 mCCNC's :
Type Serial number Serial port config OPC threshold (mV)
short R10.12.S07 19200 8N1 132
short R10.15.S09 19200 8N1 124
long R10.09.L04 19200 8N1 ???

To backup and restore the CompactFlash card, check out the CF backup page.


The mCCNC requires some routine maintenance. Should it fail, check out the mCCNC troubleshooting guide.


PicoDos commands - mCCNC OS shell command reference ; use with CARE ! Use the command BAUD to configure the serial port. Use /P to set it permanently, after a reboot (test first !).
CLI long - command line interface for the long mCCNC
DataFrame - how to interpret data lines returned by mCCNC